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Background screening during the recruitment process

Background screenings enables you to make sound hiring decisions based on facts.

Conducting a background screening during the early stages of recruitment is giving us qualitative information about the candidate. We think it is important to fact check applicants prior to the employment decision. Hiring is a big investment and mistaken recruits are expensive. For this reason, we are confident that it is better to know than not to know.

In short, our background checks are highlighting economic and legal issues to ensure that the candidate in question really is who he or she claims to be. At the same time, we also verify any references. Too often, the candidates give false information concerning the reference person. For example, the reference person might not have been the candidate’s manager, even though the applicant said so.

Above all, our customers are getting a better basis for decision-making when hiring when they have a higher knowledge of their candidates. Which is increasing the possibility to have a successful recruitment. For our candidates, background screening is ensuring that the recruitment process is serious and thorough. Thus, the likelihood that the most suitable candidate gets the job increases.

"90 percent of candidates who go through a background check have increased confidence in the company."

We start with facts to look beyond bias

Our vision states that we should look beyond bias, so we start from the facts. Having bias means that you judge someone based on preconceived ideas, not on relevant facts. Conducting a background check means that we expand and verify the factual basis for an employment decision. Background controls thus allow us to live by our vision.

We have a partnership with ToFindOut

Carrying out a background screening requires in-depth knowledge of relevant regulations. Including the Personal Data Act. It is also a time-consuming process. This is why we use ToFindOut, a specialist in employment background checks. They take the responsibility for ensuring that regulations are adhered to. But above all, they are skilled at keeping the candidates informed about the status before, during, and after the background check. It is very important to us to safeguard the integrity of our candidates.

What is included in a background check?

  • The candidate gives his or her consent.
  • Personal: We make sure that the person is who he or she claims to be.
  • Finance: Any outstanding debt balance with the state bailiff, non-payment notices, and previous annual income
  • Legal issues: Registered cases in district courts, appeals courts, and administrative courts
  • We verify the reference persons and their relation to the candidate.
  • It is a transparent process and our candidates receive a copy of the report.
  • We only search in open records, with consent. The process goes fast, taking only 2-3 days.