Our unbiased candidate experience – where the jobseeker always is our customer

Your candidate experience is key to your hiring success

In a world where the candidate is a customer, the candidate experience becomes increasingly important. The choice of recruitment partner has a great impact on how your employer brand is perceived and how quickly you can have the right employees in place. At TNG, we work actively to strengthen your employer brand – something that affects your business and profitability positively. Here’s how we work!

Anyone looking for a job right now can be potential or existing customers, employees, partners and influencers. TNG has therefore created an unbiased candidate experience that is completely unique, where candidates who apply for jobs are managed as customers and where we prioritize your brand.

"86 percent of job applicants want to know as soon as possible if they are not going forward in a recruitment process. Even when the answer is negative." TNG's candidate survey 2018

With us, all job seekers receive feedback: we have the ambition of having the ”ultimate candidate rejection”, that is, the best way to deliver the ”thank you but we’re not moving forward” message. The fact is – out of all the many applicants you have for a vacant job – there is only one who gets the job. By treating applicants respectfully, you secure your future recruitment needs and at the same time build confidence in your brand.

In short, our candidate experience is based on the fact that job seekers deserve to be treated, and will be treated, as well as customers are, and that they should always receive feedback quickly and with respect for their time and commitment.

With us, the candidate is the customer

When you hire TNG you can therefore rest assured that candidates will be treated and handled without bias, which will help you strengthen your business in the long term. We know that your choice of recruitment company directly affects your employer brand. In today’s digital and social society, candidates widely share their job search experiences which means that their friends and acquaintances will have a more positive or negative opinion of your business depending on how well we manage contact with your applicants.


This is how we create a positive candidate experience

A fair and inclusive recruitment experience

  • Through our unbiased and objective selection, all candidates receive equal and fair treatment – which gives satisfied candidates who come back again.
  • Candidates search job listings easily and get an unbiased experience during which their competence is highlighted – not their age, name, appearance, background or place of education.
  • We always show interest in the candidate’s competence and avoid questions on his or her private life.
  • We have added a Google Translate link on our site so that all applicants can read texts in the language they are most comfortable with.
  • Our occupational psychological tests can be carried out in 37 languages, which means that applicants feel more confident.
  • All our consultants are covered by collective agreements and we work closely with both consultants and company customers for a good employee experience.
  • We highlight employment benefits and are based on the candidate’s interest when we describe the job.
  • We safeguard candidate integrity and do not allow any unauthorized persons to access your applicants’ personal data.

Always feedback, transparent and in real time

  • We give all applicants a clear description of which selection stages are included in the appointment.
  • All candidates receive confirmation when an application is received.
  • All candidates have the possibility of following their application and the work of the recruiter digitally – from the time when they submit the CV to the offer of employment.
  • All candidates find out immediately when their application is no longer under consideration.
  • We continuously communicate any delays, changes in the assignment and any other information necessary for job seekers.
  • Candidates who take our occupational psychological tests can choose to receive direct feedback on the results.
  • We address 100% of all spontaneous applications and provide feedback on them.

And all the while – your brand in focus

  • Focus is put on your brand when we publish and share your job announcement – it is your name that should primarily attract potential applicants, not ours.
  • The job announcement includes photos, videos and the logo of your business.
  • We publish all job listings on several open digital platforms, including social media, so that it reaches as wide an audience as possible.


Do you want to know more about how we can give your candidates a positive experience and at the same time strengthen your employer brand?