TNG IT digital är specialister på it-rekrytering och bemanning av digitala utvecklare och specialister inom IT-support och drift. Allt för att hjälpa företag med digitaliseringen

Specialists in IT recruitment and digital talent

We recruit IT- and digital specialists

TNG IT Digital offers IT recruitment and staffing in two areas: IT support & operations and the digital business. Do you have an urgent need for a service-oriented support technician? Or are you facing the challenge of recruiting the digital specialist expertise that will drive your business forward? Then TNG IT Digital can help.

rekrytering it digital rekryteringsföretag

Rekrytera inom IT-support och drift

IT support and operations – support technicians ready to go

We staff, hire and recruit IT jobs such as service desk technicians, onsite technicians, NOC technicians, support and operational technicians. All applicants are quality assured through our competency-based recruitment model.

We are experienced in IT recruitment in support and operational functions, and offer a total staffing package with scheduling as well as out-of-hours and emergency preparedness solutions.

Our work is always competency-based, which means that we focus on the competencies driving future results rather than on the candidate’s previous performance. Knowledge of IT is important but far from everything we look at when we recruit. A capacity for multitasking, an orientation towards service and systematic working methods are competencies that we know are crucial in, for example, a support technician. Our experienced competency specialists are happy to help you identify which skills drive results for the specific position.  With a competency-based recruitment process, we help you impact your SLA, increase customer satisfaction while contributing to increased diversity.

Some of the IT support and operations roles we recruited this year:

  • Service desk technicians
  • Technical support
  • Help desk technicians
  • On-site technicians
  • IT Technicians
  • Operational technicians
  • NOC technicians
Rekrytera digitala specialister med TNG IT Digital

Digital business – candidates who drive digitalization forward

We recruit candidates who make a difference digitally. Some of the professional roles we have recruited this year are product owners, project managers, UX designers, digital developers, testers, big data specialists, web analysts and SEO specialists. With the extreme recruitment needs that result from digitization, we need to challenge traditional recruitment channels to succeed. And we have. We look beyond the obvious and attract candidates who have previously been difficult to find.

Our dedicated recruiters and researchers specialize in digital development and the digital business, and have a large candidate network in the field. We are fully familiar with agile and data-driven development where product and users are in focus. For you as a customer, this means that we can assess the skills and working methods required to achieve the best results.

We work with Digital Cross Search and target-group adapted activities in order to reach the candidates we seek.

This year we have recruited:

  • Digital product owners
  • Project managers
  • UX designers
  • Interaction designers
  • Mobile developers
  • App developers
  • Web developers (front end, back end, full stack)
  • QA and testers
  • DevOps
  • Web analysts and digital analysts
  • SEO specialists
Ada Digital hittar digitala specialister och talanger

Ada Digital – our subsidiary within digital development, located in Stockholm


Ada Digital

Ada Digital is TNG’s new subsidiary and is deeply specialized in finding digital specialists and talent. Through innovative recruitment solutions, Ada Digital wants to change the image of IT recruitment and skills. They are inspired by the world’s first programmers who dared to try new methods, challenged preconceived ideas and had the creativity and courage to make change happen. Which is exactly what Ada Digital plans to do. They recruit in Tech, UX/Design, Data and Digital Commerce.


3 reasons to choose TNG IT Digital

  1. Unbiased

    We look beyond the obvious and challenge your image of the perfect developer.

  2. Your employer brand in focus

    We prioritize your brand over ours in all talent marketing. In addition, we have created a unique transparent candidate experience that lifts your employer brand.

  3. Digital Cross Search™

    Our unique unbiased search method where all focus is on competence allows us to find candidates that others miss.