Our areas of expertise in recruiting, staffing and consultancy

Our areas of competence – when you need top talent in the civic work area

TNG is a specialist in unbiased recruiting and staffing. For real. We deliver the right employees by challenging established habits and putting focus on competence and potential. We do this from the first meeting with you as a customer, all throughout our recruitment marketing, the unbiased recruitment process, and the job seekers’ transparent candidate experience. Whether you need to recruit or hire staff, we can help you quickly, cost-effectively and accurately.

We offer recruitment and staffing services throughout Sweden. We operate in all white-collar fields, and specialize when necessary, for example by using TNG Tech and TNG IT Digital.

Our unbiased and scientific methodology

Our methodology does not just consist of nice words on a website, but is based on reputable scientific research, many years of internal development work and a daily commitment to recruiting fairly and objectively. This means that we challenge prejudice and let facts take precedence over gut feeling, name, age, gender and the job seeker’s background. And it works. Our candidates contribute every day to a better bottom line, diversity, a greater pace of innovation and fewer mistaken hires at our customers.

We are here when you need it

We help you recruit when you need to invest in – when you quickly need to hire staff for full or part time. We tailor-make staffing solutions for your surge periods, vacation planning, parental leave and sick leave on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, and for some customers, 24-hours a day.

You can also choose our temporary-hire solution if you are unsure of your staffing needs. For those with significant personnel requirements, short or long term, we are experienced in managing large-volume assignments

Our areas of expertise and some of our latest assignments


Administrator, receptionist, case manager, assistant, coordinator, switchboard operator, sales administrator, office manager

 TNG hjälper ditt företag med rekrytering ocig bemanning inom administration

Customer Service

Employees in customer service personnel who speak Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, French and English.

Rekrytera och bemanna med TNG när du behöver kundservice personal

Finance and payroll

Finance assistant, salary assistant, payroll administrator, economist, accountant, credit officer, claims administrator, analyst, accounting assistant

Anlita TNG när du behöver rekrytera eller bemanna ekonomer eller lönespecialister.

Finance and banking

Money laundering analyst, fraud specialist, leasing specialist, analyst, loan officer, AML specialist, mortgage loan officer

Anlita TNG när du ska rekrytera och bemanna inom finans.

HR och rekrytering

HR head manager, HR assistant, HR business partner, HR manager, recruitment coordinator, recruiter, recruiting assistant, HR specialist, consulting manager

 Anlita TNG när du behöver rekrytera eller hyra in personal inom HR

Marketing and communication

Content specialist, market assistant, marketing coordinator, marketing manager, communicator, CRM manager, digital marketer, content manager, marketing communicator

 Anlita TNG när du ska rekrytera och bemanna inom marknadsföring och kommunikation


Salesperson, in-house salesperson, account manager, business developer, key account manager (KAM), technical salesperson, sales manager, sales representative, sales engineer

 Anlita TNG när du ska rekrytera säljare.

Engineering Recruitment (TNG Tech)

Process engineer, service engineer, project manager, design engineer, project manager, project coordinator, lab engineer, health and safety engineer, development engineer

 Anlita TNG Tech när du ska rekrytera ingenjörer.

Production (TNG Tech)

Process manager, production manager, process engineer, production engineer, technician, automation engineer, project manager, quality-control engineer, production developer


 Anlita TNG när du behöver rekrytera eller hyra in ingenjörer och processingenjörer

Purchasing and Logistics (TNG Tech)

Logistics manager, warehouse manager, strategic purchaser, operational purchaser, production planner, logistics developer, project manager logistics, transport manager, traffic manager, logistics engineer

 Rekrytera inköpare och logistiker när du behöver rekrytera inom supply chain

IT-support and operations (TNG IT Digital)

Service-desk technician, support technician, help-desk technician, on-site technician, operational technician, NOC technician, IT technician, system manager

 Anlita TNG IT DIgital när du behöver rekrytera inom IT-support och drift

Digital development (TNG IT Digital)

Product owner, project manager, UX designer, interaction designer, app developer, web developer (front end, back end, full stack), tester, DevOps, web analyst

 Anlita TNG IT Digital när du ska rekrytera inom digital utveckling

3 reasons to choose TNG

  1. Transparent candidate experience

    We have developed a unique digital service where job seekers can follow their application and the recruiter’s work in real time.

  2. Your brand in focus

    We always promote your employer brand above our own in all recruitment marketing.

  3. Unbiased and competency-based

    We are specialists in unbiased recruiting and are continuously refining our process, which benefits you as a customer.