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Our story – a journey to fight bias in the recruiting process

Some milestones

At TNG, we see beyond the obvious. This is also our story. To see the potential in all people and work actively with unbiased recruitment and staffing. We are firm believers in this approach, which has been our focus since the company started. This means that we find the right skills and new talents. While at the same time generating commitment and profitability for our customers. Every day.

From the start, our goal has been to carry out recruitment and staffing with employees who go beyond the ordinary. We have been particularly focused on two groups who have more to give in the labor market. Those at the beginning or at the end of their careers. Today, we find talent in many unexpected places. So we have decided to broaden our scope and embrace everyone who has potential, competence and the right drive. Our approach, to see beyond the obvious, also expresses our vision of the future. We contribute to a sustainable labor market while at the same time benefiting companies, the individual and society as a whole. We are also convinced that this approach contributes to creating more successful companies by allowing us to embrace differences.

Our story

TNG was founded in 2004 by Mats Edlund and Dan Berlin. Their shared vision was to offer something new and better in the consulting and recruitment market. And they identified two groups occupying challenging positions in the employment market. It was the young candidates, who are at the beginning of their careers. And the ”50-pluses” with long professional experience.

Edlund and Berlin realized that the strong motivation and drive of the juniors and seniors really could make a difference! This realization opened up a position in the market where TNG would be able both to offer customers, excellent candidates. And at the same time give a lift to two groups that needed it.

Consequently, TNG’s business concept was to focus particularly on juniors and seniors. A focus that is giving us a unique position and business concept. While also pushing company growth. Much of this is thanks to repeat customers and their willingness to recommend us.

In 2012, we took the concept further and decided to target the entire candidate market. Our ambition was to look beyond the only obvious choices and our own biases in order to find and attract the very best candidates. We developed our recruitment process to be more competency-based and scientific. And in 2015 we launched unbiased recruitment.

“In 2012 we started working with unbiased recruitment. We became the first company in Sweden to work completely without bias, and every year we further refine the method. Today, we are industry leaders in the field and continue to challenge more companies to recruit objectively on the basis of competence, nothing else.”

The road to becoming specialists in unbiased recruitment

TNG invests in a joint venture with Furhat Robotics to develop and eventually sell an unbiased social AI robot – Tengai – that can assist recruiters with competence-based interviews

2004 The entrepreneurs Mats Edlund and Dan Berlin found TNG
2007 TNG founds the Senior Panel (Seniorpanelen)
2008 TNG streamlines its IT offering with TNG-IT
2008 The sister company ToFindOut is started up to offer quality assurance of the recruitment process
2010 TNG starts conducting background checks
2011 TNG is named a ”Fast Grower” by Ahrens
2011 TNG develops a specialist organization
2012 Launch of TNG’s work with unbiased, competence-based recruitment and scientific methods
2012 Sister company Invici starts up, with a focus on recruitment of qualified economists
2013 Sister company Signpost starts up, with a focus on interim management and managerial recruitment
2015 TNG turns around the recruitment process to make unbiased, objective and fair choices when recruiting
2015 TNG implements unbiased recruitment for all its recruiting and staffing assignments
2015 TNG launches TNG IT Digital – specialists in IT support, operations and digital development
2016 TNG no longer accepts a personal letter or photograph from applicants, and stops registering candidates’ age during recruitment
2017 TNG launches TNG Tech – specialists in engineering and technology recruitment
2018 TNG launches a transparent and unbiased candidate experience through a digital and automated platform where the recruiter’s work is shown live in the ”follow your application” service
2018 TNG tests artificial intelligence and HR tech in the form of the unbiased AI robot Matlda
2018 TNG invests in a joint venture with Furhat Robotics to develop and eventually sell an unbiased social AI robot – Tengai – that can assist recruiters with competence-based interviews
2019 TNG decides to make Tengai incorporated and creates Tengai AB