TNG recruitment training


TNG Evolve: Courses and lectures in unbiased recruiting

Recruitment training and lectures for hiring managers and HR personnel

Via TNG:s utbildningsverksamhet Evolve utbildar vi i fördomsfri kompetensbaserad rekrytering

TNG Evolve is our recruitment training program. Through lectures and courses, we share our knowledge and experience with unbiased and competency-based recruitment. We continuously train HR specialists and managers at all organizational levels and offer adapted training to individual companies. 

At TNG we work practically and strategically with unbiased competency-based recruitment every day. This is our core business and we want to continue spreading knowledge about it.

This is why TNG offers tailor-made training and lectures in unbiased and competency-based recruitment. With this training program, we aim to contribute to the further development of hiring managers and HR employees in order to help them succeed when recruiting and delivering skills. This goal is in line with our vision of creating a sustainable labor market.

Topics on which we hold courses and lectures:


  • Competency-based recruitment
  • Unbiased recruitment methodology
  • Recruitment training for managers
  • Digital candidate attraction and talent acquisition
Utbildning inom fördomsfri och kompetensbaserad rekrytering

Our course leaders work with unbiased recruitment every day

All of our courses are led by recruiters and other specialists who work actively in TNG’s operations. Meaning that they face new issues every day regarding unbiased recruitment, objective selection and personal assessment. As well as having extensive insights on interviewing techniques, occupational psychological tests and diversity.

For example, employees from our marketing department give lectures under our training program on talent marketing, talent acquisition and candidate experience. We discuss theory during the training, but mainly provide practical tools that can be used immediately by the participants.