Available positions for SEB’s International Trainee Programme

Exciting job opportunities in SEB’s International Trainee Programme

TNG is SEB’s recruitment partner. We will carry out an unbiased recruitment where we will focus on your skills and potential as a trainee. This is to ensure that you have a fair and positive experience.

For more information about SEB’s International Trainee Programme or the recruitment process, please visit the programme site. If you are interested in an IT tech career at SEB we also recommend you to check out the positions for SEB’s Tech Programme.

Please note that the application period for the programme 2020-2021 is now ended. Next application period starts in November 2020, with a programme start in September 2021. In the meantime we encourage you to sign up for our newsletter to get updates about SEB, the programme and a reminder when it is time to submit your application!

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All available positions for SEB’s Trainee Programme