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SEB's International Trainee Programme 2019-2020

As a trainee with SEB’s International Trainee Programme you’ll have a unique opportunity to get an extensive network and a deep understanding of banking and finance, IT and digital tech, as well as being professionally and personally challenged. 

You are recruited to a specific position right from the start and will be given the chance to get to know the whole bank over a nine month period  and the option to add a month’s internship abroad. Also, you will have the opportunity to influence the content of your trainee programme based on your ambitions and role. Welcome to SEB!


This is SEB’s International Trainee Programme

The trainee programme at SEB is highly appreciated by previous participants. It consists of four main parts: Learning and education, visits and internships, cross collaboration activities and on-the-job practice. The learning and education activities are divided into blocks over a period of nine months. Some of the learning activities included in the programme are: cross-collaboration, communication & negotiation skills, self-leadership, change management. The cross collaboration activities are real business challenges you solve together with other trainees and participants from our SEB’s Tech Programme.

As our trainee you will immediately belong to a home unit and get assigned a tutor who will support you during your time as a trainee. Together you will design a tailor-made learning journey that will include everything from product development to field trips and practical work in units at both the home division and other SEB divisions.

Exchanges with other units in and outside your home country will be a natural part of the trainee programme. You will also have an opportunity to work for SEB abroad in connection with the programme.

seb-trainee-photo-2-tng-lediga-jobbStart your financial career with a central role in society – in a company with strong focus on a sustainable business

seb-trainee-photo-3-tng-lediga-jobbWorking with an actual business challenge – possibility to make a real impact for the SEB business and organisation

seb-trainee-photo-4-tng-lediga-jobbPossibility to work abroad after the trainee programme, big adventure and personal development

This is SEB

We are a leading Nordic financial services group, and ever since the Wallenberg family started SEB nearly 160 years ago, it has been a company of and for entrepreneurial minds.

Working at SEB means being part of a positive force in society trough what we do and help others to achieve with innovative solutions. We are proud of our strong heritage of entrepreneurship and long-term customer relationships built on trust and dedication.

As an employer we are convinced that diversity and inclusion are crucial to succeed, as long as you have the right attitude you are welcome to our team. We will always be genuinely committed to those who strive to be more, because we believe so strongly in you and what you can achieve. If you have the ambition, SEB will support you in growing your potential. That is what makes SEB a great place to work.

Want to know more?

The application period for the trainee programme 2019/2020 is now closed. For more information about the next period, please subscribe to our newsletter. When the next application petiod starts, you can apply directly via TNG’s website where you will also find a description of all the available positions.

Selection and employment offer for 2019 will take place during the winter/spring and your exciting period as a trainee with SEB will start in September 2019 together with around twenty other trainees. For almost a year we offer you a unique opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of SEB and build an extensive network.

You will do a lot of travelling during the trainee programme, how much will depend on where you live. You can also add a month’s internship abroad after the main programme, something you decide in dialogue with your manager.

English is our corporate language and we use it in all communications and group activities.

Don’t miss the opportunity to become a trainee – that’s why I applied!


Agile change leader Martina:
“You are able to build a very large network at several departments, business areas and even get to know the top management in SEB. I was met with open arms from day one.”


Solution Coordinator Patrik:
“The traineeship gave me a good understanding of SEB and all the different functions while at the same time giving me an opportunity to find my place in work life. Today, I can focus on what I’m best at instead of trying to find myself in my new role.”

This is how you become our trainee!

  1. Send in your application
    The application period starts on 12th November 2018 and runs until 16th January 2019. You can apply for the positions that best suit your ambitions and profile via each job ad on TNG’s website. You can apply quickly and simply using your mobile phone or computer, send your e-mail address, include a CV or LinkedIn profile. You don’t need to write a personal letter or send a photo, since your application is anonymous. You can submit certificates and references later. Simple and easy!
  2. Your profile is anonymous
    Your name is withheld from the recruiter after you’ve sent in your application – in order to focus on your capabilities in the selection process. We will confirm via e-mail that we have received your application and invite you to take TNG’s unbiased tests.
    Reading tip! That’s why TNG remove your name in the first selection.
    Please note that the text is in Swedish, just click “översätt” at the top of the page for a Google translation.
  3. Take unbiased tests
    It’s now time to take the psychometric screening tests that you’ve been invited to by e-mail. The tests measure personality, numerical, verbal and logical abilities. Together they take about one hour, but you can also take one at a time when it suits you. You can choose to get feedback straight after you’ve completed each test. Complete the tests as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days after you submitted your application. Pease note that your application is not complete without the tests.
    Tip! Make sure that you have received two e-mails from TNG within a couple of minutes after submitting your application, don’t forget to check your junk mail
  4. First selection – CV and tests
    TNG make an unbiased selection of all the tested candidates based on their test results and CV. This is where we make sure that you have the basic qualifications and practical skills necessary for a trainee with SEB. It’s a structured and unbiased selection where all applicants are assessed by the same criteria. Factors such as name, age, gender and school are not relevant – the most important thing is your ability and potential, something we see from, among other things, the test results.
  5. In-Depth tests
    All applicants who have passed the first selection will take a few psychometric tests. We test your professional motivation and you get a chance to highlight your ambitions, drives and motivators. The tests are often appreciated by our applicants and form a good basis for your future career regardless of profession.Your test result will be matched against SEB’s requirements and you will be invited to a skills based interview with TNG if your profile is a fit.
  6. Interview with TNG
    This will give you the chance to highlight your ambitions, interest in SEB and your suitability as a trainee in a bank. We will of course tell you more about what SEB can offer, answer your questions about the job and go through the details of the following selection steps.
  7. SEB-day
    All the applicants that have passed the interviews are invited to an “SEB-day”, where you will spend a whole day getting to know SEB, receive more information about the trainee programme and make a study visit to SEB’s offices. It’ll be intense and fun! You will meet other applicants, former SEB trainees and get a deeper insight into the content of the programme and the values of the company. You will be challenged and get to know new people.
  8. Case
    You will be given a case study in connection with your SEB-day. This assignment is to be completed from home and presented to representatives from SEB and TNG a couple of days later, where you will also be given another case study to solve along with other candidates. These assignments give an insight into matters that are important to SEB and you are offered a professional challenge while getting to know your future work place better. Which applicants then go forward to the next step is based on these two case studies.
  9. Interview with your future manager
    For you who have passed the case studies stage, it’s now time for a personal interview with your future manager at SEB. You will have the opportunity to ask specific questions about the team, the department and future tasks.
  10. Background check
    Not far to go now! During the last step we check your personal information and background. You will have to provide a record from the police and we will check your certificates and other testimonials and talk to your referees. It’s then up to SEB to decide who gets offered a job as trainee.
  11. Job offer
    We hope you’ll say yes! :)Your journey with SEB starts in September 2019. Welcome to your future career as a trainee


It’s an experience in itself to apply for SEB’s trainee programme. By collaborating with TNG you also get to experience an unbiased and skill based recruitment process.

The application period has now closed for SEB’s International Trainee Programme 2019-2020. In the meantime you are more than welcome to sign up to our newsletter and be the first to know about the next application period!

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