Sofia Johansson, former trainee at SEB tells about her time as a trainee at the international trainee program

Meet Sofia Johansson, former trainee at SEB’s International Trainee Programme

”SEB’s trainee programme opens your eyes to all possibilities.”

To be a trainee at SEB gives your career a flying start. Meet Sofia Johansson, one of the lucky ones who participated in the trainee programme, and find out why you should apply to a spot for next year.

Sofia has recently completed the trainee programme when we get a chance to talk to her. Now, she is working fulltime at her position as a Technical Business Developer at SEB where she is developing an API-portal, among other things. She is excited and filled with energy.

The nine months at the international trainee programme exceeded Sofia’s expectations on all levels.

"It was extremely valuable to get insight from such a complex and international workplace. I recieved a really warm welcoming and got to see how innovative and entrepreneur-driven SEB’s company culture is."

Unique Network

When Sofia reached the end of her Master of Science in Engineering at KTH, she had to make a decision. Should she work as a consultant or become a trainee after completing her studies?

– As a consultant, you get to see a lot of different companies, but you always have the same position. At the trainee programme you get to try out different roles but within the same organisation. And that was the deciding factor for me. Since I have so many different interests, I wanted to gain insight into as many different roles as possible.

And that is exactly what happened. During one-third of the trainee programme, Sofia started working with IT strategy alongside some of SEB’s senior IT architects. Throughout the rest of the programme she got the unique opportunity to spend time becoming more familiar with other areas of the bank.

Furthermore, Sofia also gained a unique network of new contacts while getting familiar with SEB’s acitivities. Something that usually would have taken a much longer time to build. And on a more personal note, she is also feeling grateful for the new friendships she made with the other trainees and the support they have given each other.

Own responsibility

A typical day as a trainee at SEB doesn’t exist, according to Sofia. Each day is unique, and you have many opportunities to influence. For example, there is a business challenge that trainees are supposed to solve in groups. As well as, gig days where they work on projects that they pitch themselves. Sofias group decided to visit companies with a strong association with SEB, such as Tink and Swish.

The rotating schedule is another important factor. Together with their manager, each trainee will decide on an area of the bank they find relevant to visit and work alongside, based on the individual’s background and preferences. Another favorite part, according to Sofia, was the division days where trainees invited speakers from all areas within the bank, to gain a more complete picture of the organisation.

– It really highlights how many different pieces that together create SEB and it gives a more complete picture of how we do business, what risks there are and what we for example could need from the IT department to support other parts of the company.

Sofia also got the opportunity to spend one month at SEB in Luxemburg where she developed a web application. And later she also went to SEB in Kuala Lumpur.

– The international exchange increased my understanding of SEB and what value the international sites create. The international business is organised in similar ways to how we do it in Sweden but on a smaller scale. It was interesting to see.

Be clear with who you are

If you are applying to next year’s trainee programme it is possible that you will meet Sofia. Because she will help the new trainees in different ways, through mentorship among other things. We finish the conversation by asking Sofia to give advice to anyone who is thinking of applying:

– Speak up and say what you are interested in. Try to be clear with who you are but don’t limit yourself based on what you today think about the future. A trainee programme can open your eyes to opportunities you didn’t even know existed.

More about the trainee programme and application

About Sofia Johansson

  • Education: Master of Science in Engineering with a focus on IT, innovation, and UX. She has also studied psychology and philosophy. And has studied and lived abroad several times, for example in Argentina, Italy, and the United States.
  • Likes: Adventures, challenges, traveling and photography.
  • Dislikes: Restlessness, licorice and people who consciously are mean/heartless (the opposite of kind-hearted)
  • A person I would like to meet: There are many, living and dead, but one example is Ada Lovelace who is considered to be the world’s first programmer. It would be interesting hearing her thoughts on the IT industry before it became a male-dominated field, and maybe what she thinks the reason behind the shift could be.

4 Either or

Planning – Spontaneity
Rocketship to outer space – Submarine to a deep ocean tomb
Evening at home – Party night out
Running Cross country skiing (Both because couldn’t choose)

Sofia Johansson, former trainee at SEB

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