TNG, sustainability and CSR

Sustainability that sees beyond the obvious

TNG’s vision is always to look beyond bias and thereby contribute to a sustainable labor market. Now and in the future. Our vision and our way of thinking about sustainability and CSR are present in everything we do.

We aim every day to be a responsible player that contributes to a more sustainable business and future. We make this happen from the starting point of daily ethical and social responsibility, active environmental work (environmental certificates from the Swedish Environmental Agency). As well as, our CSR engagement. Our sustainability work is ongoing and in constant development.

This is how we work sustainably

Sustainable business practices

TNG works towards creating a sustainable business model and practices through:

  • Our unbiased competency-based recruitment process.
  • Our knowledge of the field of unbiased recruitment.
  • Being an authorized staffing and recruitment company.
  • Being a safe and responsible employer.
  • Supporting and respecting international agreements on human rights.
  • Fighting corruption and inappropriate behavior in the business.
  • In addition to the activities above, we also operate according to a code of conduct that all our employees sign upon hiring. Guidelines for whistleblowing, where employees can report on irregularities at TNG, are included in this.
Unbiased choices

Unbiased recruitment and the objective selection process included in this idea are an important part of how we work with sustainability. This means that we:

  • Use competency-based recruitment throughout the selection process.
  • Include applicants with different backgrounds, including gender, age, ethnicity, name, education and experience, to promote diversity in thought and work performance.
  • Continuously update our knowledge regarding competency-based recruitment and applicable discrimination legislation.
  • Define competence as a combination of knowledge and experience, talent and skills, personality and motivation.
  • Employ the support of technical tools such as work-related psychological tests and recruitment tools that promote bias-free recruitment.


Our CSR involvement and the activities we engage in, during employees’ work hours or financed by us, must always contribute to looking beyond bias. This is how we stay true to our vision and contribute to a sustainable and unbiased labor market.

Some of the organizations and associations that we support in our CSR work are:

Språkkraft är en del av vårt CSR-engagemang

Språkkraft, a non-profit organization that has the goal of using language skills to improve rates of integration into the labor market and elsewhere in society. The idea is to help immigrants and those who’ve recently arrived in Sweden to learn Swedish quickly.


TNG is a proud founding partner of Språkkraft. By helping newcomers and other immigrants learn Swedish quickly and thereby increasing their opportunities for employment, Språkkraft is a steady contributor to the economy. There is now a shortage of skills in certain professions, even though many people are arriving in Sweden with exactly these necessary academic qualifications and with long professional experience. Accelerated Swedish-language training would help to reduce the skill shortage, and in the long run will contribute to a sustainable labor market.


TNG contributes with financial support, as well as through our staff’s participation during their paid working hours. In addition, we contribute through the recruitment of key people using our unbiased recruitment method.

Pink Programming är en del av vårt CSR-engagemang

Pink Programming is a non-profit organization whose goal is to get more women into the field of programming. They aim to create an inspiring environment where girls interested in programming have fun and feel comfortable as they learn to code. They also have the ambition of highlighting today’s female role models.


Pink Programming has the long-term goal of inspiring, engaging and opening up new career opportunities in an industry that needs to improve gender equality. Everyone who wants to may participate and try out coding, without charge. This means that people with potential but who are otherwise underrepresented in this job sector can be inspired to change careers, find a new job and thus create new opportunities in the employment market.


TNG contributes with financial support and helps to promote the association’s activities in social media.


TNG arbetar med CSR långsiktigt och för en hållbar arbetsmarknad. Röda Korset är en av våra CSR-partners.

The Red Cross is the world’s leading disaster-relief organization. They are active all over the world and consist of millions of volunteers who have decided to help others in need. They fight to save lives and give hope, every day, in Sweden and around the world.


TNG decided in 2018 to donate what we would otherwise have spent on Christmas presents to the Red Cross. The donation will be used for social inclusion and integration programs. This is the sixth consecutive year that we have chosen not to give traditional Christmas gifts, but instead donate a larger sum in line with our vision of creating a sustainable employment market. Our donation goes to support homework help for children and young people, as well as to provide language training and also psychological help for people who have suffered trauma.


TNG has contributed financial support of SEK 72,000 to the Red Cross homework-help program, which equals 600 homework-help packages.

TNG stöttar Hello WOrld

Hello World! is a non-profit charitable organization that aims to strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness and promote digital creation, thereby contributing to skills development in the future. They do this by arranging camps and meetups for children and young people from all over Sweden.


Hello World! is eager to recruit leaders and participants who reflect Swedish society – and work towards a good balance between girls and boys. In order to give more people the opportunity to participate, they subsidize participation fees based on household income.


TNG contributes by recruiting key people through our unbiased recruitment method, which is in line with Hello World!’s activities.


Transfer är en av CSR-aktiviteterna vi engagerar oss i.

Transfer is Sweden’s largest organization for supplying lecturers from the business world to schools. Transfer is a neutral platform between schools and businesses – non-profit, charitable, and politically independent. Transfer ensures that working life becomes a natural part of the classroom and inspires young people by teaching them about employment possibilities awaiting them after they complete their education.


Transfer helps us help young people succeed when they start looking for a job. Using our own expertise in the job market and the recruitment field, we can inspire, educate and engage tomorrow’s workforce so that they are prepared when they start working.


TNG supplies staff with the right expertise who produce training materials and hold lectures during their paid work hours.


csr it-guide tng

Enter Sweden/IT-Guide is an award-winning organization with the goal of encouraging participation, development and learning in order to promote integration and social inclusion. They have a strong focus on digital participation and cooperation with municipalities. Our idea is that newly arrived young people teach older people about the internet; the young people learn Swedish and more about Sweden, the elderly learn more about internet, e-services and computers, tablets and smartphones. It is an exchange of experiences that is a winning concept.


Enter Sweden is working to increase integration over generations. The program creates opportunities for young people to develop as individuals, and also gives them useful experience for their future careers.


TNG contributes to the project with the recruitment of a coordinator/project manager for their office in Örebro through our unbiased recruitment process.