Vetenskaplig teknikrekrytering av ingenjörer


TNG Tech: Scientific and unbiased tech recruitment of engineers and technicians for the challenges of tomorrow

Scientific recruitment and tech consultancy, quality-assured competencies.

TNG Tech recruits for tomorrow’s challenges. Our recruitment is unbiased, with facts, science and method in focus. By using competency-based and measurable processes, we find new talents that others miss – talents that contribute to diversity, innovation and a sustainable and profitable business. We recruit engineers and technicians, and supply temporary consultants in three areas – Engineering, Production and Supply Chain Management.

Digitization and the forthcoming developments within industry 4.0 are creating an increasing need for finding new skills in the labor market. This means that the demand for technical expertise is drastically increasing, and everyone is fighting over the same candidates. To meet these needs and challenge the traditional way of recruiting engineers, we have created TNG Tech.

Technical expertise according to each customer’s needs

TNG Tech recruits in three different areas – Engineering, Production and Supply Chain Management. We recruit for full-time and part-time jobs, for shorter or longer assignment periods. Whether you are in need of a complete recruitment process or the services of our competent and experienced sub-contractors, the possibility of a temporary-hire service always exists. This means that you can try out an engineer or technician before you decide to hire permanently.

3 reasons to choose TNG Tech

  1. Occupational psychological screening tests

    All applicants take our psychometric tests where, among other things, we assess logical ability.

  2. Fact-based and measurable selection

    We make our selection based on scientific principles and measure the results of your recruitment.

  3. Background checks

    We always carry out a background check on the final candidate, which means security and additional quality assurance for you.

Potential, competence and diversity

Like engineers and technicians, we always work with scientifically-based methods to achieve the best results. Our unique recruiting method is based on scientific facts that ensure future work performance. We always follow a structured process where gut feelings and prejudice never take precedence over the candidate’s true potential or competence. Using psychometric tests and other measurable selection methods, we quality assure the applicants’ competence and potential – which is always connected to each individual role and task.

We find engineers outside the traditional networks, and among candidates who have been previously rejected on incorrect subjective grounds. Engineers and technicians make your company grow through diversity and innovation.

At each recruitment we conduct:

  • A specification based on your business requirements and challenges.
  • A job advertisement that does not exclude candidates. The ad is then spread through selected digital channels that are continuously monitored and evaluated.
  • A personalized package of assessment tests is used to validate the candidate’s skills, characteristics, talent and technical competence, from a scientific point of view.
  • A systematic and accurate background check of the final candidate.
  • Personal follow-up with both the candidate and you, the customer, during and after the recruitment process.

Technical expertise according to each customer's needs

Vetenskaplig teknikrekrytering av ingenjörer


Scientific technical recruitment in engineering

Our customers are found mainly in manufacturing, automotive, process, energy, environmental, chemical and electrical engineering. Below are listed some of the engineering jobs we recently filled:

  • Service engineer
  • Head project manager
  • Design engineer
  • Project manager
  • Project coordinator
  • Technical project manager, plumbing
  • Lab engineer
  • Health and safety engineer
  • Geotechnical engineer
  • Technical sales representative
  • Development engineer

Rekrytering av supply chain, logistiker och inköpare 


Recruitment of supply chain and logistics experts, and buyers

In supply chain, we recruit and staff specialists and managers in the area of logistics and purchasing. Our customers are found in both modern e-commerce companies and classic engineering companies.

Logistics and purchasing jobs we recently filled:

  • Logistics director
  • Logistics manager
  • Warehouse manager
  • Strategic buyer
  • Operational buyer
  • Production planner
  • Chief planner
  • Logistics developer
  • Project manager, logistics
  • Transportation leader
  • Dispatcher
  • Traffic manager
  • Logistics engineer

Rekrytering av tekniker till produktion


Recruiting technicians for production

We recruit and staff technicians, engineers and managers to work in the production flow. Our customers are mainly found in the pharmaceutical, process, mechanical engineering and mining industries. Some of the engineering jobs we have filled in production:

  • Process manager
  • Production manager
  • Process engineer
  • Production engineer
  • Technicians
  • Automation engineer
  • Project manager
  • Quality engineer
  • Production developer

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