Möte teamet bakom världens första sociala rekryteringsrobot

Meet the team behind Tengai Unbiased – the world’s first unbiased recruiter robot

In order to create the world’s first unbiased social recruiter robot, a multifaceted team with specialists in everything from software development, machine learning and social AI-robots to skill-based, unbiased and objective recruitment is required. Meet the team who are developing Tengai Unbiased together!


The team from


Joe Mendelson

Head of Interactions

Responsible for overseeing all skills (applications) that are built on our platform, both in-house and with partner companies.

– My intention with all such projects is to push the stakeholders to aim high, to build groundbreaking, exciting, compelling, polished, and ultimately valuable applications.

Hopes and expectations with the project:
– To play a positive role in the world-wide conversation around both bias in employment, and bias in AI/algorithms. By working directly on both challenges in a real-world application, with real jobs at stake, we will be able to understand the issues at a deeper level than most, and we will be positioned to be thought leaders in this important conversation.

On a personal note, what do you hope to learn?
– Will people accept robots in these new kinds of roles in society (job interviewer), that go beyond entertaining or even information-giving, into the quite serious realm of employment seeking? This will be quite a leap for some people – so I hope to learn and understand how different kinds of people feel about this kind of interaction.

Daniel Karlsson

Project Manager

Passionate about development and cutting edge technology. Believe that everything gets better with some structure.

Hopes and expectations with the project:
– I think we will make the recruitment process more fair which will be beneficial to all parties.

On a personal note, what do you hope to learn?
– Hope to learn more about the interaction between human and robots, and also learn more about interactions between us humans.

Gabriel Skantze

Chief scientist & Co-Founder

Part-time Professor in speech technology and conversational systems at KTH, and co-founder of Furhat Robotics. Leading the research on how to use machine learning for automating the interviews and assessing the candidates’ answers.

Hopes and expectations with the project:
– To advance the start-of-the-art in fluent spoken human-robot interaction, and in how we can use machine learning to adopt conversational skills from humans.

On a personal note, what do you hope to learn?
How do human recruiters assess candidates, and what do they base their decisions on?

Dr. Samer Al Moubayed

CEO & Co-Founder

Samer has a PhD in computer science with focus on speech communication. Prior to Furhat, Samer worked at Disney Imagineering, developing speech interaction technologies for the Disney Parks&Resorts. Samer also holds an Affiliate Faculty at KTH, The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Samer is fascinated by the intersection of psychology andcomputer science, and spends a lot of his free time thinking about how people interact with each other.

Hopes and expectations with the project:
– Furhat, as a human-like computer interface, is a very powerful tool to understand and analyse human behavior. My hope from this project is to be able to understand more how bias and prejudice exhibit themselves in human interaction in a job interview, and with the goal of potential eradicating them using a robot.

On a personal note, what do you hope to learn?
– This project is really the first step in a long and potentially very socially impacting question to understand how people evaluate each other in a recruitment interview. I truly hope we can not only built a robot that can be unbiased in a job interview, but also be able to collect knowledge that can be used in better training human recruiters. People’s lives, and society overall, are shaped by the careers they get, and how well suited they are for their jobs. We hope to be able to add positive value to that area.

Varun Atrey

Marketing Manager

Responsible for all marketing & PR activities at Furhat Robotics.

– For me, the best marketing can be found at the intersection of mind-blowing creativity and data-driven analytical thinking. I am constantly looking for that sweet spot.

Hopes and expectations with the project:
– This is one of the most interesting and ground-breaking use cases for social robots, far beyond anything being attempted by any other social robotics companies. We understand this is a very tough challenge and couldn’t be more thrilled to be working together with TNG to find a solution.

On a personal note, what do you hope to learn?
– By understanding bias in recruitment, I hope to understand more about myself so I can be a better person.

Ludvig Linse

Product manager & Developer experience lead

An all-round pragmatic, currently product managing the software side of Furhat and heading our initiatives towards developers.

– In this project, I built the initial prototype of the application and has since been a technical advisor to the developers at Prototyp who are building the final version of the unbiased recruiter.

Hopes and expectations with the project:
– I hope to see us stretch what’s possible in the realm of human-robot interaction applied to a real-life use-case that potentially can cause a positive impact for job-seekers and companies alike.

On a personal note, what do you hope to learn?
– That nothing is impossible!


The team from



Linnéa Wäringe


Has worked with recruitment for 4 years, but originally comes from the insurance industry.

Hopes and expectations with the project:
– This feels so exciting, as it’s really the future! My expectations are that unbiased recruitment will become even more established, and that job candidates will experience this as something positive.

About her first meeting with Tengai:
– Exciting! It’s more human than I thought. The feeling of surrealism mixed with the feeling that ”this is really happening” – having a conversation with a robot, so cool!

Hendrik Christiansson


Economist who has worked in several different roles in the recruitment industry for the past 10 years.

Hopes and expectations with the project:
– To break new ground in recruitment, and also challenge myself in how I act during an interview.

About his first meeting with Tengai:
–  The first time I met Tengai, I immediately became curious about how it was built and what it can achieve in the short and long term. I immediately knew that I wanted to participate in the project and follow the progress step by step.

Cilla Lennér

Senior Candidate Manager

Background in media and television production and has completely changed industry, which feels refreshing! Have been at TNG for almost 2 years.

Hopes and expectations with the project:
– That we together can create something that can really make a difference, and prejudices in the recruitment process will be a mere memory!

About her first meeting with Tengai:
– A surprise that the ”unnatural” still felt so natural …

Sinisa Strbac

Project manager for Tengai, recruitment consultant and teamleader for candidate managers

Economist, has worked with recruitment since 2007.

Hopes and expectations with the project:
– To develop a robot that can hold an interview independently, and at the same time learn more about natural, human interaction.

About his first meeting with Tengai:
– Here there is potential to do something really good!

Amanda Karlsson


Social scientist that has worked with recruitment for 2.5 years.

Hopes and expectations with the project:
– I hope that Tengai can help us create an even more unbiased recruitment process, and that candidates feel that they are judged fairly based on their skills.

About her first meeting with Tengai:
– I was almost embarrassed, since I was not prepared that there would be such an intensive interaction from Tengai! It felt like the robot really listened to me and was interested.

Tengai Unbiased – by TNG and Furhat Robotics

TNG Steering team

Åsa Edman Källströmer


Worked in the recruitment and staffing industry for more than 20 years. Started at TNG 2011.

Hopes and expectations with the project:
– That we can reach the next level of unbiased recruiting, and challenge ourselves so that we learn even more in this field.

About her first meeting with Tengai:
– Wow, amazing!

Anna Rydbacken

Regional director and product owner

Worked in recruitment for the past 20 years. Has a strong commitment to being part of and contributing to making unbiased recruitment the new standard way of recruiting.

Hopes and expectations with the project:
– That we can lead the way for recruiting without prejudices.

About her first meeting with Tengai:
– Has not been interviewed yet, but has played games with the robot, which was an exciting and fun experience.

Charlotte Ulvros

Director of Marketing and Digital

Have worked at TNG for the past three years, heading up TNG:s digital sales and marketing team.

– Here I am fortunate to work with a great team that dares to experiment and deliver the best digital candidate and customer journey in the market, while contributing to TNG:s bottom line every day. Best job I ever had!

Hopes and expectations with the project:
– Excited to be part of a unique HR-tech project, where we will test the boundaries of recruitment as we know it. It will be a challenge to succeed as no one has done this before, but together with Furhat Robotics, we have the right team to do it!

About her first meeting with Tengai:
– Very interesting, a unique experience.

Elin Öberg Mårtenzon

Regional director

16 years in the recruitment field in roles as business area manager, adviser, management consultant and lecturer, now as regional director at TNG.

Hopes and expectations with the project:
– To take unbiased recruitment to the next level, thereby helping even more companies and organizations carry out unbiased and objective recruitment processes both in Sweden and internationally.

About her first meeting with Tengai:
– I am amazed by how human Tengai feels. You forget it’s a robot, and after a while it feels completely natural to share long stories and excerpts about one’s profession. At this moment I realized that it is important to emphasize that Tengai is a social robot, because that’s exactly how I experienced it.

Samarbete mellan TNG och Furhat Robotics

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