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Tengai on Tour – Meet the World’s First Unbiased Interview Robot

Tengai Unbiased fördomsfri rekryteringAfter months of programming and developing Tengai, the product is in early early beta for the international market and a Swedish-speaking version of the unique robot will be pre-launched in May.

The collaboration between TNG and Furhat Robotics started in the summer of 2018 and the project has since then received a lot of attention in both Swedish and international media. It’s exciting to see that so many people are interested in how Tengai has developed and how AI can work as a recruitment tool.

It is time to present Tengai to the Swedish market where TNG initially will be integrating her as an in-house product for current clients. This means that Tengai will be used as a part of TNG’s unbiased recruitment process that has been developed over the last 15 years. The goal is to launch a stand-alone product at the end of 2019 that will be programmed to conduct interviews in both Swedish and English.

While the pre-launch is happening, the Tengai-team will go on a tour that starts in Sweden but then continues to Europe and around the world. Since Tengai is a unique product and the first robot of its kind, our mission with the tour is to show Tengai to the HR-tech world to get some input on how the robot is perceived.

Here are some events where you can find Tengai

Tengai at TAtechEurope 2019, Lisbon, Portugal

On May 9-10 Elin Öberg Mårtenzon, Chief Innovation Officer at TNG and Tengai, will be at TATechEurope in Lisbon, Portugal. During the registration Tengai will be available for a meet and greet where you personally can interact with the robot. Elin will also present ”How an unbiased social robot will disrupt the job interview – a talk with and about Tengai” and attend The Chad & Cheese DeathMatch.



TNG Recruitment Trend Forecast and Interview Robot Pre-Launch, Sweden

On May 14-17 TNG is hosting the yearly trend seminar in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö and Örebro. This is the official launch of Tengai to the Swedish market and TNG have decided to give you the unique opportunity to personally meet and interact with the robot!

Attend this seminar and get valuable insights from the trend forecast presentation and why this year’s theme is ”Unbiased recruitment 2020: Human and Beyond”

TNG and Tengai at Järvaveckan 2019, Sweden

On June 13th TNG is bringing Tengai Unbiased, the social interview robot, to Järvaveckan 2019. Tengai is developed to assist recruiters and managers by providing objective interview analytics. Visitors will get a chance to interact with the robot and ask questions to the TNG team.



#Bemanning2019, Oslo, Norway

On June 18th Elin Öberg Mårtenzon, Chief Innovation Officer at TNG, will be talking about how Tengai works at #Bemanning2019. The technological advancement Tengai contributes with is a huge step towards unbiased recruitment and will completely change the way we see traditional job interviews.



HR-Dagarna 2019, Stockholm, Sweden

On October 8-9 Elin Öberg Mårtenzon, Chief Innovation Officer at TNG, will be with Tengai Unbiased at HR-Dagarna. This years’ theme is ”The future of the digital and limitless workplace” and Elin will talk about how Tengai was developed, what sustainable aspects that were considered and the next step for unbiased recruitment.



Stora Coachdagen, Stockholm, Sweden

On November 11 Elin Öberg Mårtenzon, Chief Innovation Officer at TNG, will be with Tengai Unbiased at Stora Coachdagen. She will talk about how unbiased recruitment is the foundation to finding new talents and locating potential based on objective assessments. Tengai will be a tool for recruiters and managers to save time and make better hiring-decsions.



More to come:

RecFest 2019, London, England

July 11. The largest independent event on the planet for in-house recruiting, resourcing and talent acquisition

TAtechNorthAmerica 2019, Texas, USA

September 24-26. The only talent acquisition events conducted by, for and about talent acquisition technology companies and their customers

Recruitment Tech Event 2019, Amsterdam, Holland

November 21. Discover how technology can optimize your recruitment, with inspiring keynotes, in-depth breakouts and innovative demos



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