unbiased hiring process

Our fair and unbiased hiring process – apply today

This is why you should apply for a job at TNG

Prejudices. We all have them because it’s human. But at TNG, we have designed our unbiased hiring process to ensure that you as a job seeker will be protected from preconceived ideas or prejudice. With us, you can apply for jobs more fairly and without having to worry about bias!

In other words, we are always offering the job to the most suitable applicant. Instead of guessing or going on gut feelings. Or hiring yet another friend from a contact network. And now research is supporting our methods. In other words, our unbiased hiring process is actually contributing to future work results. Common sense if you ask us, but not an obvious choice for everyone.

“At TNG, we put potential and expertise first and foremost. This means that we don't dismiss your application because you have the 'wrong' name, age, gender, ethnic origin or went to 'wrong' school."

We offer full-time and part-time jobs throughout Sweden and we will find you direct employment at companies, or jobs via staffing assignments where you work as a temporary consultant for a certain period of time and are employed by us at TNG. Many of our consultants receive offers of employment from the companies or move on to new assignments. Something we are proud to make happen! We also have ongoing secondary jobs for those who want an extra job alongside their other jobs, studies or activities.

No matter what kind of job you’re looking for, the application is done through our unbiased recruitment process.

More specifically, this means the following:

Fair application

We have removed the possibility of registering age, providing a photo or attaching a personal letter, and have anonymized the names of all applicants. All applicants also go through occupational psychological screening tests and demonstrate their competence and potential before we read the CV.

Distinction between what is personal and private

We only ask competency-based interview questions, which means that we focus on what you can and want to do, not on your personal life or on your interests since they are not relevant to the job you are looking for. On the other hand, we are very curious about your personality and require, among other things, a personality test.

Direct and transparent feedback

You can follow your job application throughout every step of the recruitment in our digital service ”Follow your application.” The recruiter’s work is shown here in real time from beginning to end. A transparent and open candidate experience and fully in line with our unbiased recruitment process.