Med TNG rekryterar och bemannar du fördomsfritt och främjar mångfalden på din arbetsplats. Vi hjälper dig med fördomsfri rekrytering och bemanning idag.


Unbiased recruitment. For diversity, against bias and prejudices.

Hire the right talent by mitigating bias in your recruitment

Unbiased recruitment allows us to see the potential in people and at the same time contribute to a sustainable business and job market. Big, beautiful words, you may think. But they lead us to find the right skills and new talents. This creates benefits for business along with increased competitiveness and diversity in the workplace.

Unbiased recruitment, or objective recruitment, is something we really believe in. It’s not a PR ploy. We know the rewards of recruiting and staffing bias-free – and of instead putting the full focus on competence and potential. And we do it for real. These are not just pretty words: the method is based on years of development and research that led us to challenge the HR and recruitment industry and turn the traditional recruitment process on its head.

And it works. Today we see how talented people, previously rejected for the wrong reasons, are now being brought forward and employed by our customers. And it happens because we now recruit fairly.

"90 percent of those looking for work can see themselves seeking jobs in an unbiased way." TNG's candidate survey 2018

We are all prejudiced

Our experience after many years of working with recruitment, staffing and diversity is that no changes will be achieved on this issue until we realize that we are all prejudiced. It is not just a question of the grounds for discrimination, but that we all carry our past experiences with us and often look for candidates that fit our own frame of reference. It is easier to choose a candidate with whom we feel safe and who is like ourselves, rather than choose someone who feels different. Quite simply, it’s easier to go on ”gut feeling” but this is something you definitely should not do!

What is included in TNG's unbiased recruitment?

  • Competency-based recruitment process
  • Recruiters trained in issues of discrimination and testing
  • Inclusive job listings and talent marketing
  • Anonymous applications
  • No personal letter, but questions about motivation
  • Occupational psychological tests for all candidates before we read the CV
  • No personal questions
  • Transparent digital candidate experience
  • Extensive background check
  • Always competence and potential in focus

Find the inner potential with unbiased recruitment

TNG’s philosophy is simply to focus on competence and not get caught up on surface details – name, age, gender, background or shoe size – but instead find a person’s inner potential. It’s a question of not missing out on the most promising new employees; we’re driven to find the potential driving forces, abilities and defining qualities in others.

Why? Because it’s beneficial to our customers to work with the best! Our unique recruiting method allows us to find the most suitable candidates, those who previously had been rejected for the wrong reasons. This creates both diversity and more competitive and innovative companies.