TNG values

Vision, business idea and values

We work daily to fight bias and reach our mission of a sustainable employment labor market

TNG is a value-based company and we believe in what we do! We specialize in unbiased recruitment and staffing and our TNG values are making us both efficient and consistent. 

We are driven by our vision and business idea, and we live by our values. These are not just empty words thought up by an advertising agency. But something that the TNG team constantly is developing over time.

Our vision

By looking beyond bias, we contribute to a sustainable labor market.

Our business idea

We are the new generation of staffing and recruitment companies, finding the most able workforce by challenging common practices.

Our key values


We are driven by thinking creatively, challenging old truths and promoting diversity. We like to question and to be questioned. And our curiosity makes us open to new opportunities.


We are a step ahead in words and actions and are characterized by streamlined decision-making and fast execution.


We have a passion for accuracy, for doing the right thing. Our experience and success rate allow us to identify the correct priorities for every situation.

Personal engagement

We see individual responsibility as part of a personal reward. That’s why we want more. We dare to succeed, but also to learn. We are always aiming to do a little more.

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