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Unbiased recruitment – hire top talent based on facts, not preconceived opinions.

Every recruitment is unique and it is important for us at TNG to give our clients options. Therefore, we always consider your individual business and time. With our unbiased competency-based methodology, we find employees with the skillset you need to create diverse and innovative teams. And our recruitment process is designed to be quick, cost-efficient and reliable for your company.

You will work closely with our experienced recruiters to decide on the type of recruitment service that will suit your current needs. It should be easy to recruit new talent, and we will continue to clarify what services you as a customer receive throughout the hiring process. It is also important to us that you know how committed we are to your company’s brand. Therefore, we work actively to ensure an excellent candidate experience for those applying for our clients’ available positions. This is important since the candidates’ experience will positively enhance your employer brand.

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Our recruitment services

All inclusive recruitment

All inclusive is our most popular recruitment service. We take complete responsibility for the recruitment. Starting from the skills analysis stage until you have found the right person for your company.

We will find the candidates, do all the digital advertising, matching, and a competency-based search in our network. We will also do psychological tests for all applicants, as well as in-depth background and reference checks. All of this is carried out in an unbiased way, with a focus on your employer brand and on creating a good candidate experience for the job seeker. In addition, TNG will ensure that there is no unconscious or conscious discrimination along the way. Guarantees, evaluation, and follow-ups are naturally also included.


Sometimes our customers decide to leave the first part of the recruitment over to us. Making it possible for them to concentrate their time on fewer candidates who closely match the requirements of the position. TNG will conduct skills analysis, attract candidates in an unbiased way and make selections based on the list of required skills. We then carry out an initial selection of candidates based on the occupational psychological screening tests they have completed, and the initial telephone or video interviews.

Objective candidate assessment

Quality assure your recruiting with TNG’s Objective candidate assessment! With this service, we analyze your applicants in terms of talent, personality and motivation in relation to the position’s requirement profile. So that you can choose and quality assure the right candidate for your position. We also carry out in-depth skill analyses.

All inclusive search

Some positions require that we also conduct the candidate search. This situation often involves professions with few candidates or that require unique competencies. Here, too, our entire competency-based unbiased recruitment process, background screening and reference checking are all included.

In addition to searches in our own networks and pipeline, we seek and find candidates based on the digital, prejudice-free search methodology Digital Cross Search we developed. It’s a more advanced search conducted by specially trained researchers who use many different digital sources. This includes social media, external databases, Google, blogs, forums, communities and article databases to find the right candidate for your position.

Large recruitment projects – RPO

Do you need to fill several positions that have the same profile within a short period of time? Quality & Quantity Recruitments is a service from TNG that helps customers with large recruiting projects where a large number of positions with the same profile need to be filled. A high-quality and cost-effective recruitment service.

When you choose TNG as your recruitment agency you get:

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Candidate attraction and transparent candidate experience

We work actively and fact-based with our candidate attraction and candidate delivery. Our recruiters and marketing team will work closely together to reach the right results, and to do it as fast as possible. Our marketing department specializes in digital and mobile recruitment marketing and the candidate experience. The work is data-driven and all activities are followed up by our analytics team who sends feedback to each recruiter and continuously implements improvement measures.

The need for talent changes rapidly and we are constantly researching trends and news about candidate attraction – so we can be on our toes to find the employees and skills you need now and in the future. Our way of working also gives us a broader talent pool, which also means that we can fill positions faster. We divide the work of candidate attraction between Targeting (targeted recruitment marketing and Digital Pipeline) and our unique search method Digital Cross Search™.

Our candidates are customers

We regard those who are looking for jobs through TNG as customers also. And it is a priority to us that they always have a positive candidate experience. It is as important as looking after and caring for your brand. With the digital solution we developed, job seekers can log in and follow their job applications live. Making it possible for each candidate to see each step of the recruiting process in real time, both on their phone and computer. This provides transparency and gives insight into the entire recruitment process. It also reflects the work of the recruiters and gives a positive impression of our customer companies’ brands.


We are authorized and have signed collective agreements

We are a recruitment and staffing agency authorized by Competence Agencies of Sweden, so you can feel secure. Competence Agencies of Sweden is part of Almega, a grouping of seven service sector employer/trade federations, as well as a member of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Svenskt Näringsliv. We also have collective bargain agreements.

In addition, we continuously invest in education on discrimination legislation and competency-based recruitment for all our employees involved in the selection process. By doing this, we minimize the risk that candidates are rejected for the wrong reason – a responsibility that we share according to the law.