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Here you can login to TNG Talent Network and track the status of your job applications with TNG, TNG IT Digital and TNG Tech. Additionally you can update your CV and find psychometric tests that you need to complete. follow the various stages in the recruitment process.

TNG works with an unbiased and reversed recruitment process. You are anonymous in the first stages of our process. Our recruiters can’t see your age, gender, name, background or how you look. Psychometric testing is also always used before we read your CV. After the testing phase, we will combine your test score with your experience, and current skillset. That way our recruiters are not affected by unconscious bias, which is otherwise very common in recruitment.

It is not until later in the hiring process, when they will contact you for an interview, that our recruiters can access your complete job application.

If you have a question about an ongoing recruitment process, please click on the recruiter’s name below and send an e-mail.

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If you need to get in contact with the recruiter in charge of your process, please refer back to the ad you applied from. All the information is there. Questions regarding other job vacancies or our unbiased recruitment process contact us at, our chat or connect with us on social media at Facebook, , Twitter or Instagram. Looking forward to hearing from you!