sustainability and CSR

TNG, sustainability and CSR

Sustainability that sees beyond the obvious

TNG’s vision is always to look beyond bias and thereby contribute to a sustainable labor market. Now and in the future. Our vision and our way of thinking about sustainability and CSR are present in everything we do.

We aim every day to be a responsible player that contributes to a more sustainable business and future. We make this happen from the starting point of daily ethical and social responsibility, active environmental work (environmental certificates from the Swedish Environmental Agency). As well as, our CSR engagement. Our sustainability work is ongoing and in constant development.

This is how we work sustainably

Sustainable business practices

TNG works towards creating a sustainable business model and practices through:

  • Our unbiased competency-based recruitment process.
  • Our knowledge of the field of unbiased recruitment.
  • Being an authorized staffing and recruitment company.
  • Being a safe and responsible employer.
  • Supporting and respecting international agreements on human rights.
  • Fighting corruption and inappropriate behavior in the business.
  • In addition to the activities above, we also operate according to a code of conduct that all our employees sign upon hiring. Guidelines for whistleblowing, where employees can report on irregularities at TNG, are included in this.
Unbiased choices

Unbiased recruitment and the objective selection process included in this idea are an important part of how we work with sustainability. This means that we:

  • Use competency-based recruitment throughout the selection process.
  • Include applicants with different backgrounds, including gender, age, ethnicity, name, education and experience, to promote diversity in thought and work performance.
  • Continuously update our knowledge regarding competency-based recruitment and applicable discrimination legislation.
  • Define competence as a combination of knowledge and experience, talent and skills, personality and motivation.
  • Employ the support of technical tools such as work-related psychological tests and recruitment tools that promote bias-free recruitment.


Our CSR involvement and the activities we engage in, during employees’ work hours or financed by us, must always contribute to looking beyond bias. This is how we stay true to our vision and contribute to a sustainable and unbiased labor market.

Learn more about the organizations and associations that we support in our CSR work here (in Swedish)