Why SEB collaborates with TNG in the recruitment to the Trainee Programme

It can sometimes be confusing when you apply to a new job. You want to work at SEB, so why do you need to submit your application to TNG? We ask Katarina Ärlestad, Communication & Employer Branding Partner at SEB, five quick questions.

Joining SEB’s International Trainee Programme means that you are offered a position within one of the bank’s prioritized areas AND an exciting trainee programme with an international focus. Every year thousands of applicants want to get a spot at the popular programme. Most of the interest comes from recent graduates who recognizes that the programme is a great way to start their career.

SEB has since 2018 decided to work with recruitment and staffing agency TNG, to make sure that all applications are processed in an unbiased and fair way. But what does this means to you?

"TNG has a modern and unbiased recruitment process - which is in line with SEB’s inclusion and diversity policy."

Katarina, why did you choose TNG as your recruitment partner for your International Trainee Programme?
TNG has a modern and unbiased recruitment process – which is in line with SEB’s inclusion and diversity policy. For example, all applicants takes digital tests relevant to the job before TNG makes a unbiased selection based on the overall application. TNG only looks for crucial competences and our basic requirements separated from who is applying or where they have studied. TNG is also quick to meet our candidates for an interview. That is very positive and the candidates know early on if they have progressed in the recruitment.

How has TNG contributed to a better recruitment experience for your candidates?
I think the speed of the appointments and the fact that the candidates are informed early on whether they are relevant for a role or not is very valuable. And also that the candidates can track their own application at TNG and see exactly where they are in the recruitment process.

Why is an unbiased recruitment important for you?
We know that diversity and different perspectives in our teams create the best conditions for us to collaborate and meet our customers. This goes for all our positions and the Trainee Programme is of course very important.

What makes SEB an unusually good employer?
A lot of things! But if I have to choose one reason then I would say that there are so many possibilities at SEB. I have for example worked in all SEB’s divisions and in many different roles and I have always felt that I can develop and challenge myself continuously.

Do you have any tips for those who are thinking of applying for next year’s programme?
Find out as much as you can about SEB, we should choose each other! And always be yourself and do your best. You can feel completely confident that you will be evaluated in a fair way since our recruitment-process for the Trainee Programme is unbiased and based on your actual competence. Best of luck!

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