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Why SEB collaborates with TNG

Modern and unbiased recruitment in focus for SEB Trainee Programme

Sometimes, applying to a new job is confusing. You want to work at SEB, so why do you need to submit your application to TNG? We ask Malin Brant-Lundin, Global Head of Employer Branding at SEB, five quick questions.

Joining SEB’s International Trainee Programme means that you are offered a position within one of the bank’s prioritized areas AND an exciting trainee programme with an international focus. Every year thousands of applicants want to get a spot at the popular programme. Most of the interest comes from recent graduates who recognizes that the programme is a great way to start their career.

SEB has since 2018 decided to work with recruitment and staffing agency TNG, to make sure that all applications are processed in an unbiased and fair wayBut what does this means to you?

TNG has a modern and unbiased recruitment process - which is in line with SEB’s inclusion and diversity policy.

Malin Brant Lundin - Global Head of Employer Branding på SEB - berättar om samarbetet med rekryteringspartners TNG

Malin Brant-Lundin from SEB

Malin, why did you choose TNG as your recruitment partner for your International Trainee Programme?

One of the reasons was that TNG has a modern and unbiased recruitment process – which is in line with SEB’s inclusion and diversity policy. For example, all applicants takes digital tests relevant to the job, before an unbiased selection is done. All based on the overall application where who is applying or where they have studied are looked at separately.

How has TNG contributed to a better recruitment experience for your candidates?

I think the speed of inviting the chosen candidates for an interview and then early on inform whether they are relevant for the role or not is very valuable. And also that the candidates can track their own application and see exactly where they are in the recruitment process.

Why is an unbiased recruitment important for SEB?

We at SEB are convinced that inclusion and diversity are crucial for long term success, innovation and growth. To deliver world class service to our customers and the society. SEB should be a place where everyone is looking forward to come to work every day and where everyone is valued and respected no matter their personal identity. All our employees should have the same possibilities to reach their full potential.

What makes SEB an unusually good employer?

A lot of things! First of all – all our fantastic colleagues here at SEB and the incredible nice and warm culture. I also want to highlight our internal university – SEB Campus. A digital learning platform where all employees and talents have the possibility to continuously take new trainings and also get official university points. For us at SEB – continuous learning is a part of our culture and something we want all our employees to set aside time to.

Something that I am very proud of as a SEB employee myself, is our proactively social responsibility. SEB has already since the company was founded more than 160 years ago played an active role in the development of our society. We contribute with financial contributions and support companies, entrepreneurs and innovative startups with focus on sustainability.

Do you have any tips for those who are thinking of applying for next year’s programme?

Find out as much as you can about SEB, we should choose each other! Be yourself and share with us why you want to start at SEB and how you can contribute.

Best of luck!

Trainee på SEB tipsar om att du redan nu kan göra intresseanmälan för det internationella traineeprogrammet 2021 7
Apply to SEB’s International Trainee Programme!

The next programme starts in September 2021 and the application period is open until the 10th January 2020. In each job post you will find an in-depth description about the specific position. Please read through all job posts to decide which area within SEB you find the most interesting!

To apply you need an academic degree in Finance, Economics, IT, Engineering, Behavioral Science or equivalent, and maybe some work experience. English is our corporate language, and we use it in all communications and group activities.

Read more about the positions and apply today!